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Our primary focus is older properties in the southern region of the United States that have been neglected, worn down, or ignored. These are primarily low-rise, garden-style apartments with 10 to 120 units.

We have the opportunity to acquire and repair these properties at a fraction of the current building prices due to the increasing development costs in recent years.

Furthermore, we acquire buildings with partially vacant units, providing a fantastic opportunity to increase their value and offer additional housing options to the market.

Once the renovation work is completed and qualified tenants have been secured, we can reassess the property and capitalize on the increased value we have created.

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Windstone Capital is a relationship-driven boutique real estate investment company with global ties. We acquire, develop, and manage multifamily properties in the United States and beyond.

Our unique ability acquiring off market under-performing multifamily assets in A and B markets by effectively utilizing our connections, extensive market knowledge and keen understanding of market trends. Many value-added tactics are applied in order to create an exceptional cash-flowing multifamily investment property.

For all of Windstone’s real estate investors, our systematic approach, combined with our knowledge and experience in identifying the right investment, asset management, and operational efficiencies, mitigates risk and provides superior returns.

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Due to the hands-off nature of our approach, we are able to connect individual investors with opportunities of an institutional grade without the effort of individually underwriting each deal.

If you choose to invest with Windstone Capital, you will be able to enjoy all of the advantages of being the owner of multifamily real estate assets without having to deal with the hassle of day-to-day management.


Opportunity to become a co-owner in a 10-to-250 unit, apartment complex worth $2 to $30 million in the fastest growing market segment. With all of this, you can just sit back and let us do all the work.


Over a five-year asset holding period, we can typically achieve a 20% increase in rental income while reducing operating expenses by up to 25%. By sticking to our straightforward strategy, we are able to increase returns for our investors.


Through our secure online portal, we provide accurate, on-time, and transparent financial reports. For your peace of mind, our financial reporting is conducted by third-party compliant auditors to ensure accuracy and precision.


While we strategically disburse capital to improve property and build value over a 5–7-year hold period, the multifamily property will return 5%–7% annually. Equity harvesting events provide 10% to 18% annualised returns.
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