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Real estate investing is the foundation of long-term wealth.
These investments provide continual passive income while also promising long-term growth.

No matter the state of the financial markets, land may be a physical asset that will be monetized by renting, selling, or refinancing the property. This makes real estate a significantly more reliable investment than stocks and bonds, which are highly sensitive to market fluctuations on a daily basis.
Multifamily properties have shown to be the safest asset class in the real estate investing industry.


  • 50 – 150 units / Low rise, walk-up style apartments.
  • Existing cash flow property.
  • Below market rents. ($100 – $300 per unit/month)
  • Light to medium renovations.
  • Acquire below replacement cost.

We will consider options outside of these guidelines in opportunity-based situations.


  • Stable, growing employment opportunities.
  • Well located, commutable w/ access to amenities.
  • Southern US metro areas with a population of 100,000 or more.
  • Meaningful police presence for peace of mind.
  • Easy access to schools and other essentials.

We will consider options outside of these guidelines in opportunity-based situations.

“Real estate is the ultimate game of strategy, where opportunities are waiting to be seized by those with vision and courage.”
Avi Bauman VP and Director of US Investments

our Benefits

Passive Income

Quarterly coupon payments of 6-8% annual returns are made.
Increase your passive income during a recession.

Tax Advantaged

Maintain a healthy balance in your retirement accounts and benefit from preferable tax treatment.

Peace of Mind

Your money is in fully recourseable, recession-proof assets. There will be no more drudgery or guesswork.

No Middlemen

Windstone Capital investors work directly with sponsors.
No financial advisors or brokers. Directly contacting the source empowers investors.


The portfolio is well diversified, with exposure to multiple markets and asset types.
Our Performance Note will help you weather any storms.

Exceptional Service

Join hundreds of other wealth creators by investing in Windstone Capital. Access an empowering network instantly.

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